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Gummed Paper Tape is an acid-free medium-weight kraft paper that is coated with water-activated gum on one side. It is widely preferred by watercolour artists and printmakers for its ability to adhere dampened paper to a backing board tightly and securely. Given that this is paper tape, it cannot be stretched, but because this particular tape is not threaded it can be torn by hand. It is simple to use: cut or tear the desired the length of tape, wet the ‘shiny’ side with a sponge or brush (careful not to use too much water) and use it to adhere your piece just like regular tape. Leave to dry completely.

But unlike regular tape, gummed tape does not remove easily. To completely avoid the risk of tearing your paper, it is recommended to cut off the edges of the sheet where the tape adhered to. Most artists leave the tape on the painting as it will be hidden under the mount when you frame the painting and wetting the tape to remove the adhering tape might damage the artwork.

View more detailed instructions on how to use gummed tape.

Product features:

  • Acid-free kraft paper tape.
  • Water-soluble adhesive.
  • Not threaded.
  • Ideal for stretching watercolour paper and adhering paper to backing boards.
  • Roll measurements: 72mm x 200m.


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How to use Gummed Tape to stretch watercolour paper:

  1. Prepare strips before-hand. Cut or tear the desired length of paper tape off.
  2. Soak paper in a flat tub full of water until paper feels like a wet cloth (5-10min for 200gsm paper, more for heavier paper). Do not soak too long or paper may start to lose its sizing.
  3. Remove the paper from the water and hold by one corner to allow much of the water to drip away.
  4. Wet the board.
  5. Bow the paper in half to create a gentle roll in the center and line this center up with the center of your board. Lower the paper and drop it, center first. (You do not need to rub it down, it will lay itself well against the board).
  6. Wet the ‘shiny’ side of your gum tape with a damp sponge (not soaking!). Pinch the tape and sponge together and then pull the tape through.
  7. Holding the tape evenly over the whole length, lower the tape strip all at once to the edge of the paper, half on the paper and half on the board. Rub gently down to remove any air bubbles.
  8. Leave to dry completely, overnight or a day. You can blot the whole surface pressing with a gentle downward motion (no rubbing!) using a folded bath towel or pile of kitchen roll, being very careful not to shift the tape at all.
  9. To remove the dry painting from the board you will want to pierce the tape and cut along the edge of the paper and lift it off the board.



  • If the tape looks like it is not sticking well do not be tempted to run a wet sponge over the top of the tape as this will insure that your tape fails.
  • Be sure not to drip water from your tape onto your paper as this will leave spots on your paper where the paint will not stick.
  • Do not let your board dry on its side or attempt to dry with a hairdryer as this will result in uneven drying and cause parts of your paper tape to tighten more than others and thus pull loose.
  • It is not recommended to rewet the tape as as this might damage the artwork.




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