Leporello Concertina Journal – Fabriano


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Fabriano Leporello is a travel journal that is ideal for all drawing techniques and light water media. The internal paper is no other than Fabriano Medioevalis, produced through a mould-made process that allows for the unique feature of having the folds created by a watermark.

HARDCOVER BOOK with elastic

  • Fabriano Leporello is a unique accordion-style travel journal.
  • Contains a single sheet of Fabriano Mediovalis paper that is carefully folded.
  • This beautiful mould-made paper is well suited for writing as well as all drawing techniques.
  • Perfect as an artist’s travel companion to capture landscapes or a series of interconnected sketches.
  • Natural grain, 20 sheets.

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The Fabriano Leporello journal is a unique little journal.  Made with Fabriano Mediovallis paper, the paper is mould-made, but the uniqueness lies in the way the concertina paper is made. This high-quality paper is not folded, but the folds are created by a watermark, creating the accordion-style book.  The paper is protected by a black hardcover, and keeping the book together is an elastic band. Ideal for capturing landscapes, drawing a series of sketches or just creating a wonderful journal full of memories.

Watercolour, inks, pigmented pens, coloured pencils or just graphite, the choice is yours – create a stunning keepsake!