Linol Lino Cutting Set – Brause

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Linocut is a thrift-cutting technique that involves removing the blanks or ‘reserves’ from the final result. The ink is deposited in relief on the remaining parts, and the paper pressed on the linoleum thus retains the imprint of the ink. Brause has recognised expertise in the manufacture of linocut tools. Discover the classic printmaking technique with this perfect initiation set for beginners. This box includes everything you need to start this great craft.

This set features:

  • 1 x  wooden handle.
  • 5 x gouge nibs.
  • 1 x tube of black paint.
  • 1 x palette.
  • 1 x A6 linoleum sheet (10.5×14.8cm).
  • 1 x roller.
  • 1 x gouge extractor.

All you have to do is transfer the chosen pattern to a linoleum plate (supplied) either by hand tracing or by transfer via tracing paper or carbon paper (not supplied). Using the nibs to be attached to the wooden handle, hollow out the non-printable parts. Spread the ink (supplied) on the plate using the roller (supplied). Finally, place a sheet on the linoleum plate and press strongly so that the ink is imprinted on it. An original and complete box set to offer to all lovers of fine arts who wish to discover the world of linocut!


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