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Jacques Herbin’s Luminescent Ink, also known as Phosphorescent Ink, is a dip pen ink which dries to a translucent finish that is faint on dark paper and nearly invisible on light paper. The ink then glows to phosphorescent green when viewed in the dark or when exposed to UV light. The ink’s subtle glow transforms ordinary words and strokes into a magical display of light and colour. Whether crafting letters, practicing calligraphy, or creating artworks, the unpredictability of its luminescence adds a playful touch, turning the creative process into a whimsical experience.

Product features:

  • Glow-in-the-dark dip pen ink.
  • Glows phosphorescent green in the dark / under UV light.
  • Inks are perfect used with brush, dip or reed pens.
  • Not recommended for fountain or rollerball pens.
  • Available in a 30ml glass bottle.


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