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Maimeri Puro is the embodiment of the brand’s research to create the perfect colour. Conceived from the very concept of purity, taken to its logical conclusion. Purity in its ultimate expression. The essence of a painstakingly processed pigment that can bring forth thousands of tints.

83 colours in perfect equilibrium, each formulated with a single pigment to retain purity and stability over time. Created to obtain a colour palette of unparalleled depth and impeccable tonal shades. The highest degree of pigment purity and quality.
Maimeri neither produces nor markets toxic products. Its corporate philosophy excludes all components considered hazardous to health. Maimeri products present no risks of any kind when used appropriately

83 colours 40 ml
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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


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ImageMaimeri Puro Oil ColoursPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlZinc White (020)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlYellow Vanadium (121)R949.00 R699.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlYellow Ochre Light (132)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlYellow Ochre (131)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlViridian (348)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlViolet Lake (436)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlVermilion (281)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlVenetian Red (262)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlUltramarine Violet (440)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlUltramarine Red (195)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlUltramarine Light (391)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlUltramarine Deep (392)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlTurquoise Green (350)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlTurquoise Cobalt (412)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlTransparent Yellow (122)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlTransparent Mars Yellow (103)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlTransparent Mars Brown (477)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlTiziano Red (261)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlTitanium White (018)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlSandal Red (263)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlRose Lake (182)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlRed Ochre (191)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlRaw Umber (493)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlRaw Sienna Light (162)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlQuinacridone Violet (466)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlPrussian Blue (402)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlPrimary Yellow (116)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlPrimary Red – Magenta (256)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlPozzuoli Earth (276)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlPhthalocyanine Turquoise (431)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlPermanent Yellow Lemon (112)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlPermanent Carmine (167)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlOrange Lake (125)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlOpaque Zinc White (014)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlNickel Titanate Yellow (109)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlNaples Yellow Medium (099)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlNaples Yellow (104)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlMineral Violet (460)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlMars Violet (459)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlMars Orange (060)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlMars Brown (476)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlMars Black (540)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlMagenta Lake (183)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlMadder Light (175)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlMadder Deep (178)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlIvory Black (535)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlIndian Yellow (098)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlGreen Earth (296)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlGolden Ochre (134)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlFaience Blue (377)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCupirc Green Light (322)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCupirc Green Deep (324)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCobalt Yellow (096)R639.00 R455.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCobalt Violet Light (451)R949.00 R699.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCobalt Violet Deep (452)R949.00 R699.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCobalt Green Deep (317)R639.00 R455.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCobalt Green Blueish (318)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCobalt Green (328)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCobalt Blue Light (373)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCobalt Blue Greenish (381)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCobalt Blue Deep (374)R639.00 R455.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlChrome Oxide Green (336)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCerulean Sky Blue (417)R949.00 R699.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCerulean Blue (368)R639.00 R455.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCassel Earth (490)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCarbon Black (537)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCamium Yellow Deep (084)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCadmium Yellow Medium (083)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCadmium Yellow Light (081)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCadmium Yellow Lemon (082)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCadmium Red Purple (230)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCadmium Red Orange (224)R639.00 R455.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCadmium Red Medium (228)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCadmium Red Light (226)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCadmium Red Deep (232)R639.00 R455.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCadmium Orange (054)R519.00 R365.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlBurnt Umber (492)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlBurnt Sienna (278)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlBitumen (470)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlBerlin Blue (359)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlAvignon Orange (053)R375.00 R265.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlAntique Green Earth (297)R179.00 R119.001 in Stock.
maimeri-puro-oil-tube-40mlCyan (400)R245.00 R165.001 in Stock.

Something pure, sincere, not mixed with other foreign substances which can alter the characteristics or reduce the quality.

Oil + pigment and nothing else. Simple.

As pure as the tetrahedron, the perfect shape of the Colori Stabili Maimeri logo, designed by founder Gianni Maimeri in 1923. An artist and manufacturer, Gianni Maimeri sought the essential in colour “Oil and pigment, nothing else”.
No fillers, just a minimum quantity of additives to improve the paint’s rheological properties. Developed to achieve an excellent chromatic result. Colour by colour, individually calibrated, tested, calibrated again and tested. 83 perfectly balanced shades.
The idea was to achieve the perfect relationship between the ingredients of oil paint. A self-sufficient relationship. That intuition was clarity, simplicity, and synthesis; it was also hard work and endless research to formulate the perfect colour, without additives.
83 colours in perfect equilibrium, each formulated with a single pigment to retain purity and stability over time. Created to obtain a colour palette of unparalleled depth and impeccable tonal shades.
The highest degree of pigment purity and quality; organic, inorganic and natural pigments in perfect equilibrium. – 10 cadmium pigments, 4 yellows and a total of 6 oranges and reds.
Exceptionally opaque, with an extraordinary intensity of tone, highly lightfast, with high tinting strength and a warm undertone. – 13 cobalts, 1 turquoise, 3 greens, 6 blues, 2 violets and 1 (Aureolin) yellow. Opaque and semi-opaque with a remarkable depth of tone and excellent tinting strength. Particularly intense, with excellent brilliance. – 12 natural earth colours and ochres from Italian quarries, ground to precisely the required fineness. Transparent, with excellent clarity and warm, defined undertones.
Maximum degree of purity and quality of semi-drying oils. All the colours, including the dark tints, are formulated with safflower oil and poppy oil.

Maximum lightfastness of the entire colour palette and maximum concentration of pigment in each colour. Organic pigments 15-20%, inorganic pigments 70-80%, and natural pigments 45-50%. The concentration obtained is the maximum possible for oil colour.
Drying times vary according to the specific characteristics of each pigment, 3 of 83 colours have a long drying time.
Utmost precision of workmanship. Each colour in the range is processed according to the individual characteristics of the pigment. The different processing schedules are adopted to achieve an average particle size under 5 microns.


Maimeri Puro Oil Colours

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