No. 5 Artist Pen Set – Speedball


  • Do you enjoy practicing your lettering and calligraphy? Or are you a fan of cartooning, making posters and mapping? These special detail-style art forms are even more pleasant when using pens equal to the task. This set includes a variety of nibs and points with two holders, perfect for your artwork.
    • Along with (2) Pen Nib Holders, set includes (3) of the following:
    • B Style Pen Nibs (B1, B3, B5)
    • C Style Pen Nibs (C0, C2, C4)
    • Pen Points (No. 102 Crow Quill, No. 56, No. 513EF)
    • Great for lettering, calligraphy, poster-making, sketching, cartooning and mapping

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