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Whether you specialize in drawing – even cartooning and animation or prefer media such as acrylic, oil, pastel, or watercolour, a good knowledge of perspective is invaluable. It is the foundation of all great paintings and drawings, no matter what medium. Perspective shows you everything you need to know to make objects look three dimensional. Practice the methods of measuring and dividing areas proportionately; then learn how we perceive depth and distance, and how to render it correctly on paper or canvas. You will learn the basics and beyond, covering concepts like foreshortening; cast shadows; reflections; and even one-, two-, and three-point perspectives. And once you have a good grasp of the basics, it’s easy to graduate to more complex and irregular forms. This comprehensive guide will show you how!


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The first step toward creating a realistic drawing is learning how to “see” a subject. A perspective is an essential tool for any artist, helping to transfer a three-dimensional subject onto a two-dimensional canvas. This book explains the differences between one-, two- and three-point perspective as well as methods of how to measure and divide areas of a subject or scene proportionally.

  • Published: 2013


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