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The beauty of Nitram charcoal lies in its attributes – very little dust and a resistance to breakage and crumbling. Nitram Charcoal has the advantage of rich blacks and a wider range of shades, this helps the artist refine the values that will later define the finished piece. The superb quality ensures no crumbling under pressure so expressing yourself with confidence is not a problem.

The 6mm round batons work well when placed in the Nitram Stylus, extending the length of the charcoal for even better control when drawing. When needing larger format charcoal, the Bloc De Saule is ideal,  use the sharpening bloc to create a fine powder for larger areas.

With a wide variety of Nitram charcoal products to choose from, any artist will find suitable charcoal for their artistic need!

Available options:

  • 5mm Square Batons (Soft – B; Medium – HB; Hard – H) – 5 per pack.
  • 6mm Soft Round Petits Batons – 5 per pack.
  • 8mm Soft Round Batons Moyens – 5 per pack.
  • 12mm Soft Round Batons Epias – 5 per pack.
  • 25mm Demi Baton de Saule – 2 per pack.
  • 50mm Maxi Baton de Saule – 1 per pack.
  • Bloc de Saule (15mm x 46mm x 152mm) – 1 per pack.


Tip: A fine-toothed paper is better suited to adhere to the charcoal and create less dust, while a rough-toothed paper will adhere but it can be more difficult to blend the charcoal.


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