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Designed to hold Nitram H, HB, B & 6mm Soft Round Charcoal Sticks, the Nitram Stylus will hold the charcoal firmly in place while you are drawing. A lovely and versatile tool for the charcoal lover, the stylus is made from top-quality medical grade stainless steel and high-grade polycarbonate material, designed to last a lifetime. The stylus comes with 4 different coloured end-caps that fit snugly in place once the colour-graded Nitram Charcoal sticks are inserted. This great feature makes it easier to see which charcoal is in the stylus.

Perfect for all forms of charcoal drawing and sketching, the stylus is especially useful for artists who prefer a cleaner way of working.

Product features:

  • Stainless steel charcoal holder.
  • Stylus comes with Charcoal Assortment of 4 (H, HB, B, B+).
  • 4 different coloured end-caps for corresponding charcoal stick.
  • Can hold round and square charcoal sticks.
  • Charcoal stick length: 15cm.
  • Charcoal Assortment Refills Pack of 8 available.

Nitram Assorted Charcoal Refill Pack contains:

  • 2 x H (5mm) Square Charcoal Stick.
  • 2 x HB (5mm) Square Charcoal Stick.
  • 2 x B (5mm) Square Charcoal Stick.
  • 2 x B+ (6mm) Round Charcoal Stick.


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