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The A-Series nib is ideal for any Gothic or Monoline lettering style that has lines of uniform width with a squared finish. Its unique multi-purpose design allows artists to create a variety of strokes with just a flip of the pen.

  • Hold the A-Series nib perpendicular to the baseline, keeping the “shoe” of the pen nib flat on the paper’s surface. This produces a uniform stroke in any direction with squared beginnings and endings.
  • Hold the A-Series nib at an angle to achieve either a diamond-shaped beginning and ending-stroke or a square finish on a diagonal stroke.
  • Turn the A-Series nib on its back to use the broad, flat end of the pen to produce either lettering with thicks and thins or to create the serifs on letters of uniform width.


The B-Series is perfect for creating a variety of monoline lettering, drawn letters (e.g. Versals) and “built-up” letters, such as the Double Stroke Poster Roman. Suitable for use with any straight/classic style penholder. Like the A-Series, the B-Series has a bent end to form a “shoe” that can easily produce a uniform width line. Unlike its counterpart, the Speedball B-Series nib has a rounded finish that makes it ideal for creating sans serif letters without thick and thin lines.

  • Pen and nib set with square and Gothic round nibs
  • Set contains 3 x A Series nibs ( A1, A2 and A3 )
  • Set contains 3 x B Series nibs ( B1, B3 and B5 )
  • Sets contain 1 x standard penholder

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