Poster and Watercolour Varnish 75ml – Daler Rowney


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Daler Rowney Poster & Watercolour Varnish – Apply one coat for a glossy surface on watercolours, poster or gouache paintings and designs. The varnish will not disturb the paint, but you do need to keep loading your brush while varnishing. It is a thick, sticky liquid and a flat synthetic brush might be the best to paint on the varnish. Do a test patch on a scrap piece of paper before varnishing a finished painting or poster. The painting will be waterproof once the varnish has dried. It is best to work in a well-ventilated area.

To clean the brush, Daler Rowney recommends using methylated spirits. If the brush is left to dry with varnish on, the varnish cannot be removed.


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