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The Compass Sets & Accessories are perfect for students, artist, crafters, and hobbyists. It contains the basic drawing instruments that are commonly used in most drawing and drafting applications.

The Quickset Compass is a German manufactured high quality, precision compass. This technical drawing instrument can be bent at both knee joints and be retightened if required using a screwdriver. There are two levers for rapid adjustment as well as a centre wheel for fine adjustment. The leads and needle inserts are interchangeable.

Inscribe almost perfect circles and arcs with these drawing tools and their accessories. The Universal Compass Adaptor fits all compasses and can adjust to accommodate any pen and pencil widths due to the screw mechanism. An extension bar almost doubles the maximum circle diameter of the compass. The divider consists of two straight adjustable legs hinged together and ending in sharp points, and it is used to measure, transfer, or mark off distances.

Extension bar and divider are not sold separately.

Product features:

  • Compass pivot diameter: 4mm.
  • Maximum compass circle diameter: 360mm.
  • Compass length: 170mm.
  • Divider length: 145mm.
  • Extension bar length: 145mm.
  • Adaptor insert diameter: 4mm.
  • Maximum compass circle diameter with extension bar: 560mm.
  • Compass kits and adaptor are supplied in strong plastic case with hang tab.
  • Kits include spare lead box with 3 spare leads.
  • Strong plastic box of 6 x 2mm leads is also available.

Available options:

  • Quickset Compass with Divider & Leads.
  • Quickset Compass with Extensions Bar, Adaptor & Leads.
  • Quickset Compass with Adaptor & Leads.
  • Universal Compass Adaptor.
  • Compass Lead Box.


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