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Jacques Herbin’s Calame Reed Pen is an exciting addition to your calligraphy journey, transporting you back in time to Ancient Egypt. Egyptians wrote hieroglyphics on papyrus thanks to calamus, a natural material still used today for Egyptian calligraphy, writing or drawing. The Arabic translation means “pencil”. The calame is known more frequently as a reed pen.

It is cut at both ends: one at a point and the other at a straight bevel. A tool of great elegance, timeless, it allows you to write in several ways without ”hurting” the paper – it does not cause any scraping. In addition, by dipping the reed pen in ink, you draw off an infinitesimal reserve of ink which nevertheless gives you considerable writing autonomy.

Product features:

  • Calame reed pen.
  • Pen length: 18cm.
  • Two sharpened edges.
  • Large ink reserve.
  • Ideal for use with papyrus paper.
  • Available in a single blister pack and Egyptian Writing Set.

Set includes:

  • 1 x reed pen (18cm).
  • 1 x sheet of papyrus.
  • 1 x bottle of Black ink (10ml).
  • 1 x information booklet.


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