Reeves Acrylic Varnish | Gloss 75ml Glass Bottle

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To ensure that your paintings maintain their best condition, you only need to give a little touch with varnish/varnish. The right choice of varnish and use in the right way will be a healthy investment. Varnish protects the painting from dirt and dust and evenens the final appearance of the painting so that all parts can look equally shiny or matt. Even though the painting is displayed for years with dirt and dust, it will stick to the varnish instead of the painting and when the time is right, the varnish can be removed and the varnish painted to look like new. REEVES VARNISH for acrylic paint & clay, is the right product to use as a coating/varnishing of paintings with acrylic paint. You can even use it as a sealer / protective coating on dried clay (water dry or polymer clay). Suggested use: brush a thin and repeated brush for maximum results.

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