Rembrandt Aquarell Artist Coloured Pencils Set – Lyra

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Discover your inner Rembrandt, with Rembrandt Aquarell.

Rembrandt Aquarell pencils are professional water-soluble pencils, packed in metal boxes, and suited to all artistic drawing techniques. They come in a range of intense, bright colours with highly light-resistant pigments. Thanks to the extra-large water-soluble lead-containing wax emulsifiers, the colours can be mixed and blurred like watercolour paints. As they are highly soluble, it is easy to achieve excellent transparent effects.

Format: Metal box with 12, 24, 36 or 72 pieces and wooden box set with 106 pieces

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The Lyra Rembrandt Aquarell is a beautiful pencil, which may sound odd given it is only a pencil,  but the hexagonal barrel made with raw Cedarwood has a lovely exposed grain which enhances the pencil’s raw appearance.

The Lyra Aquarell sports a generous 4mm core, housed within a stylish 8mm barrel. On the very end of the pencil, is a large-sized pigment indicator, allowing for easy selection of colour when using the pencils.  The brand name and colour information are printed on the pencil. Unfortunately there is no lightfast information on the actual pencil, however, on the inside of the tin, each pencil is listed with its lightfast rating beside it. On the bottom of this list is a legend explaining what each star means, from one star through to three stars.

  • 4-millimetre lead diameter
  • Finest pigments
  • Can be dissolved almost completely with water
  • Create all tones from opaque to nearly transparent
  • Stylish metal container
  • Set sizes available: 12, 24, 36 & 72 and wooden box set with 106 pieces

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