Rotring Reiniger Cleaning Fluid For Technical Pens – 100ml


  • Rotring Pen Cleaning Fluid is formulated to dissolve encrusted, non-etching drawing ink from nibs and to be used as a general cleaner of other drawing implements that get ink on them.
  • Cleaning encrusted nibs can require the user to soak them in the cleaning fluid for periods of up to 3 days to ensure that internal components are freed up, but cleaning time will depend on how dirty the pens are.
  • The Fluid should be used full strength and once clean the nibs need to be rinsed in water.
  •  Implements such as lettering guides and templates can be cleaned using a soft brush dipped in the Rotring Fluid.
  • 100ml Cleaning fluid.
  • Made in Germany.

The use of a Rotring Pen Cleaner in an Ultrasonic Cleaner is the most effective method if you have access to such a device.


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