Series 1580 Domed Badger Hair Brush – Rosemary & Co

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The Series 1580 created by Rosemary & Co is great for varnishing oil paintings where a softer touch is required to achieve an antiquing effect.

These brushes are a good blender for texture and depth. They are also made from badger hair just adding to their uniqueness. This brush is mainly used for blending paint into an even and smooth coat but also works fantastically to create striations – a glass painters ‘must have’.  The Domed Badger Brushes are a favourite amongst artists for softening and blending in Oils.

Product Features: 

  • Domed softening and blending brush.
  • Short Handle.
  • Bristles made from badger hair.
  • Ideal for oil mediums.
  • Available in sizes: Medium.
  • Bristle diameters: 10.0mm.
  • Bristle lengths: 36.8mm.
  • Made in the USA.

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Medium (36.8mm)


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