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The world-renowned Escoda brushmaking company was founded in 1933 and is a family-run manufacturer based just outside Barcelona, Spain. They make a wide variety of artist brushes in natural hair and also including superior quality synthetic fibre brushes designed to last. Escoda brushes are synonymous with quality and have become a studio staple for many famous artists around the world. Escoda, in partnership with some of the world’s most accomplished artists, have created a range of Signature Brush Sets where each artist chose their favourite brushes to make up these unique sets. The Signature Brush Sets feature combinations of the popular Optimo, Perla, Prado & Aquario brushes.

Available Sets:

  • Alvaro Castagnet Set 1.
  • David Taylor Set 1.
  • Joseph Zbukvic Set 2.
  • Milind Mulick Set 1.
  • Pablo Rubén Set 1.


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Available Options:


Available options:

Álvaro Castagnet

He is an Uruguayan artist of world renown that has been honoured in numerous art competitions. He is a successful author who travels the world attending exhibitions, hosting workshops and participating as a member of the jury for international art events.


Set 1 includes:

  • 3174 PRADO | Tame synthetic | Round | Pointed | Red Long | #8
  • 3174 PRADO | Tame synthetic | Round | Pointed | Red Long | #10
  • 3174 PRADO | Tame synthetic | Round | Pointed | Red Long | #12


David Taylor

His great love of this medium has involved teaching in Australia and overseas. He has received numerous achievements in the arts, including over 100 awards in watercolour. His works are represented in a variety of public and private collections worldwide. At each exhibition, Taylor conveys his love of spontaneity, light, shape and colour and a sense of freedom when working on location.


Set 1 includes:

  • 1477 PRADO | Tame synthetic | Round | Pointed | Burgundy Short | #8
  • 1477 PRADO | Tame synthetic | Round | Pointed | Burgundy Short | #12
  • 1527 ÚLTIMO | Tendo synthetic | Round | Pointed | Black Short | #18


Joseph Zbukvic

Is a leading master of his time in watercolour painting and techniques. His impressive achievements and enormous success are due to his ability to transform any subject into visual poetic language. Covering an infinite variety of subjects, his sensitive, lyrical and atmospheric paintings have captured people and galleries from all around the world.


Set 2 includes:

  • 1130 AQUARIO | Squirrel | Round | Mop | Grey-blue Short | #14
  • 1130 AQUARIO | Squirrel | Round | Mop | Grey-blue Short | #18


Milind Mulick

“I always wanted my brush as an extension of my hand, a touch with the paper obeying my mind and will… With the perfect water holding capacity and point, Escoda gives me just that.”(Maharashtra State, India)
He received national talent scholarships during and after school to pursue art education, but instead, he devoted himself to engineering and learning art from his father painter Pratap Mulick, and other well-known artists privately. He worked as an illustrator of freelance architecture, as a commercial designer and as a painter regularly, and he is currently a full-time painter. He participated in many collective shows, exhibitions and paintings in various corporate and private collections in India, the USA, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia and Mauritius. He also has several publications and articles in local art magazines. His first book, entitled Watercolors, was published in 2000. It is currently in its fifteenth edition and a new edition will be released soon. The second book, entitled Sketchbook, which was published in 2003, is currently the 5th reprint.


Set 1 includes:

  • 1322 PRADO | Tame synthetic | Flat | Short | Burgundy| #1/2″
  • 1462 PRADO | Tame synthetic | Round | Pointed | Short | Burgundy | #12
  • 1469 PRADO | Tame synthetic | Round | Rigger | Short | Burgundy | #8



Pablo Rubén

“All the necessary resources to undergo any watercolour, no matter how complex it is, summarized in three brushes. The feeling of precision using any Escoda turns into concise and firm brushstrokes.”(Spain)
Pablo Rubén has spent twenty years dedicated to the world of art and specialised in watercolour in the last ten years. He has received more than 400 national and international prizes during his career and has participated in watercolour exhibitions in more than 20 different countries. He works in his own studio as well as outdoors, which is a source of freshness and speed for his technique. Nowadays, he combines his artistic career and teaching, giving regular classes in his own studio and workshops worldwide.
The topics of his watercolour works can be divided into two main groups: topics in which water is the main focus (puddles, lakes, rivers, ponds, harbours…) and urban or industrial scenes in which different means of transport, buildings or other structures become the most important aspects. Every single piece of his paintings has a careful composition and the precision of the drawing is the main structure of each piece of watercolour.
I need to travel many times during the year with my watercolour works and brushes to many different cities around the world to teach or for demos. As time has gone by, I have learned to pack the basics in my travelling painting kit and with only three brushes, like the ones in this set, I am capable of painting any watercolour, no matter how complex it is. The ÚLTIMO flat brush for big pictorial fields, for gradings, and for softening and integrating different colours. The ÚLTIMO brush for the areas where there is a need for more water together with precision. And the essential PERLA brush to load more pigment and to draw extra fine lines or small final details.
Three perfect tools for three parts of my watercolour painting process.


Set 1 includes:

  • 1430 PERLA | White Toray synthetic | Round | Pointed | Short | Grey | #14
  • 1530 ÚLTIMO | Tendo synthetic | Round | Mop | Short | Black | #14
  • 2330 ÚLTIMO | Tendo synthetic | Mottler | Wood | Matt varnished | #12

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Signature Sets

Alvaro Castagnet Set 1, Alvaro Castagnet Set 2, David Taylor Set 1, Joseph Zbukvic Set 1, Joseph Zbukvic Set 2, Milind Mulick Set 1, Pablo Rubén Set 1


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