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Silicone is a greasy, non-drying oil-like substance. Artists add a drop or so to each ounce of color as they are mixing and preparing their paints. Once the paints are combined and poured onto the substrate, the silicone rises to the surface creating circular holes and revealing the layers underneath.


Zelcraft Silicone Oil is to be used in conjunction with Zelcraft Pouring Medium or any other of the pouring medium to create ‘cells’ in the acrylic pouring technique. Create wonderful effects with this medium!


Available in 100ml bottle.


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Artsavingsclub has several pouring mediums in store: the Zelcraft-, Floetrol-, Liquitex- and Atlas Easi Pour- pouring medium. We have experimented with some of the pouring mediums to get beautiful effects as seen in the images.

  • Zelcraft liquid, Floetrol pouring medium and acrylic paint.



  • Zelcraft liquid, Zelcraft  pouring medium and acrylic paint.


  • Zelcraft liquid, Atlas Easi Pour- pouring medium and acrylic paint.


  • Zelcraft liquid, Floetrol pouring medium and acrylic paint.






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