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  • Speedball® Speed Clean removes Speedball® Screen Filler from screens with ease 
  • Safe to use with no harsh odours
  • Product does not remove Photo Emulsion or dried ink

Cleaning your stencil
If you would like to re-use your screen, do not leave screen filler sitting in your screen. The sooner you remove the screen filler, the easier it will be. Screen filler left on a screen over time can become permanent.

• Wash all ink from your screen. Screen filler can be removed with Speedball’s Speed Clean. (It is natural for some red and black inks to leave a stain on a screen. This will not affect the print ability of your screen.)
• Apply Speed Clean to both sides of the screen with a spray bottle or pour directly on the screen. Let sit and soak for 2-3 minutes.
• Scrub both sides thoroughly with a soft bristle brush in all directions until you see the screen filler begin to dissolve or fall away (1-3 minutes.) Let sit for an additional 3 minutes.
• Use a hose with a spray nozzle attachment to spray out the softened screen filler. Hot water works best. The more powerful the hose attachment, the easier the screen filler will wash out.
• Wash your screen once again and let dry.

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