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Great art movements and the paintings that inspired them

The Illustrated Story of Art offers a pleasant journey through the history of art movements, from cave paintings to contemporary art. This reference book colours the picture of art development in between the most well-known masterpieces and their masters.

Get an interesting overview of various styles including Renaissance art, surrealism, abstract, pop art and other current trends. Track it on the visual timeline and discover the impact of technological advances and technique developments. Vivid images give you a whole gallery in your hand, making it a useful reference book for art-fanatics, exhibition fans and all who appreciate art.



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Great art movements and the paintings that inspired them

The Illustrated Story of Art is an innovative approach to understanding the history of art, from cave painting to the modern-day, with pivotal works of art examined in the context of history, culture and the lives of their creators.

This invaluable art reference book reveals the creative impulse behind every major art movement, from the Renaissance to Surrealism and abstract to pop art, with a visual timeline to show famous paintings and key events. Turning-point paintings that triggered movements are identified and explained as well as the influences behind the famous artworks such as technical advances, admired techniques of earlier artists, and changes in society. You will learn why Boudin’s Beach Scene inspired the impressionist movement and why Monet’s Grainstacks defined it. Vivid images of artistic masterpieces from each style and a glossary of terms make this an indispensable work of reference.

Covering the evolution of each major art genre as well as featuring the famous paintings that ignited new artistic movements, The Illustrated Story of Art presents the history of art in a visually stunning way, perfect for art lovers, exhibition-goers and anyone who appreciates great art.

ISBN: 9781409316084
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