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Product Features:

  • A colourless solvent-based transfer medium in a marker pen.
  • For easy transfer of printouts from a laser printer to decorative projects.
  • Can be used on a wide variety of substrates – paper, wood, cork, foam, stone, ceramics and natural fibre fabrics.
  • Fast-drying on absorbent surfaces but up to 2 hours drying time on non-absorbent surfaces.


Available Options:

  • Available in fine edge and jumbo chisel tip options.


KREUL Transfer Marker – How it works:

  •  Print out the motif or lettering mirror-inverted with a laser printer on copy paper or make a laser copy of the original photo.
  •  Place the paper with the printed side down on the surface to be designed and fix it with adhesive tape.
  •  Brush the back of the motif with the transfer marker.
  •  Press the entire motif evenly and firmly with a solid tool, e.g. a wooden spatula.
  •  The ink of the transfer marker dissolves the colour of the laser printout and transfers it to the surface.
  •   If painted surfaces are to be designed, they must be coated with KREUL synthetic resin-based top coats beforehand.
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