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Crafted with care and shaped by hand, these oil and acrylic brushes are equipped with flexible hair bundles resistant to wear. The flexibility of the golden synthetic hair bundle makes this brush especially great for acrylic painting, specifically acrylic with a more liquified consistency. Glossy, lacquered wooden handles and flattened, seamless nickel-plated brass ferrules ensure comfort and long life.

Product features:

  • Golden synthetic fibres.
  • Long handle, dark blue lacquered.
  • Highly flexible and wear-resistant hair.
  • Available in assorted, versatile shapes.

Available sets:

  • Brush Set of 3 (series 294 no. 8, 295 no. 10, 296 no. 6).
  • Brush Set of 4 (series 302-303-304-305 no. 8).

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Available sets:

The Brush Set (series 294 no. 8, 295 no. 10, 296 no. 6) contains three different shaped brushes: The flat (Gussow) shaped brush (series 294, no. 8) is ideal to create sharp edges and straight lines, the round and pointed (series 295, no. 10) for for finer detail and the cat’s tongue (filbert) shape (series 296, no. 6) unites the advantages of flat and round shaped brushes. The hair bundle widths of the brushes included are 7.0mm (flat/Gussow), 4.3mm (round with a fine tip) and 5.9mm (cat’s tongue).

The Brush Set (series 302-303-304-305 no. 8) contains four brushes with different shaped hair bundles for drawing-like touches and decorative brush strokes.  The slanted shape of series 302 brushes make it suitable for drawing touches, decorative touch-ups and calligraphy. The flat V-shaped series 303 brush is suitable for a sketch-like line and applying decorative touch-ups. The Serrated Bevel Brush series 304 (slanted) and series 305 (flat) is great for zigzag effects, decorative touches and drawing. The brushes in this set have a hair bundle width of 7.2mm.

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