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Variegated Composition Leaf is a wonderful product that can be used for arts and crafts, calligraphy, metalwork, glass, picture frames, painting and more. This age-old process of metal leaf gilding can add a new dimension to your artwork. The variegated leaf is a composition metal leaf that has been heat-treated, chemically treated, or both to obtain the unique discolouration.

This product may tarnish over time and it is recommended to seal the gilding to protect it, especially if it is to be touched or handled.

Please note that some of the colours of variegated sheets may differ from pack to pack.

Product features:

  • Imitation gold leaf for professionals and hobbyists.
  • For all gilding projects.
  • Apply with an adhesive (size).
  • Available in a pack of 25 sheets.
  • Each sheet measures 14 x 14cm.


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Variegated Leaf 25 sheets


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