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It’s great for all types of drawing styles and works beautifully with a dip pen or brush. With a brush, DANIEL SMITH Walnut Ink handles like a transparent watercolour with good layering and lifting capabilities in darker washes. The rich colour resembles traditional walnut-based inks, but will not fade. Walnut Ink is wonderful for adding warmth and historical character when painting over sketches done in permanent black ink, and by itself, it’s reminiscent of the aged ink drawings by Rembrandt and Da Vinci. When used with calligraphy pens, the Walnut Ink gives a beautiful, transparent, warm tone to lettering.

Not only excellent for calligraphy but great for drawing or mapping. The water-based ink responds similarly to watercolour and can easily be layered or lifted on good quality paper.

The DANIEL SMITH Walnut Ink is lightfast, non-acidic, transparent, and low staining.

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DANIEL SMITH Walnut Ink is a finely pigmented, sepia-coloured, water-based ink made from walnut husks.

Fascinating colour flow using Daniel Smith walnut ink on top of a prepared surface using Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground , rag rolling techniques and a variety of Daniel Smith Watercolours including Daniel Smith Iridescent Electric Blue. A favourite shade of mine. #colour #color #watercolour #watercolor #experimental #video #abstractart

Posted by Jean Haines Watercolours on Friday, 10 January 2020


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