Watercolour Made Simple with Jess Meyer – Luxury Set

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Learn the joy of watercolour painting and discover the confidence to embrace your everyday creativity. Watercolour made Simple CourseClick here to view

Jess is the illustrator and designer behind Watercolour heart and, “Making every moment a celebration of life and creativity”, is a tagline she aims to live by. Jess lives for special moments and creating, as a result, her business is the product of both passions. With an honours degree in Fine Art, Jess combines hand-drawn illustration and skills in digital design to work closely with clients creating all of the intricate and thoughtful details that make a design unique. Jess endorses creativity not just as an activity, but as a lifestyle and aims to teach not only technical skills in watercolour illustration but also how to approach creativity with self-confidence and an everyday application.


Please note that you can still purchase this bundle if an item shows out of stock. The item will then be excluded from your order, and the amount will be subtracted at checkout.

What if something shows out of stock? - Please note that you can still purchase this bundle if an item shows out of stock. The item will then be excluded from your order, and the amount will be subtracted at checkout.
1 × Memory Point Synthetic Brushes - KUM - Round 8

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1 × Memory Point Synthetic Brushes - KUM - Round 12

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1 × Plastic Palette - 10 Well

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Graphite pencil Castell 9000 HB
1 × Castell 9000 Graphite Single Pencils - Faber-Castell - HB

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Aquafine Travel Set of 24 Thumbnail - Daler Rowney
1 × Aquafine Watercolour Sets - Daler Rowney - Travel Set 24pc

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1 × Harmony Watercolour Paper Blocks - Hahnemühle - A4 (29.7 x 21cm), Hot Pressed

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Sold out


Paint: Daler Rowney Aquafine Travel Set 24 pc

Aquafine watercolours are made from a selection of modern high-quality pigments milled to perfection to offer optimal performance and control. Aquafine watercolours are rich, free-flowing transparent colours with excellent tinting strength and working properties that reliably produce beautiful, delicate washes.

Brush: KUM Memory Point Brushes

The combination of highly skilled labour with the use of only the finest material available ensure the high quality, durability and unique characteristics of the KUM® Brushes. Superb craftsmanship ensures that the Memory Point brushes developed by Kum, Germany, with their unique synthetic fibres surpass conventional brushes in many ways:

The brush tip is always perfectly formed
The exceptionally elastic fibres provide outstanding shape retention characteristics
The possibility to paint the finest details with all brush sizes
Optimal colour absorption, storage capacity and release characteristics

These short, smooth, round handled Memory Point brushes are perfect to use with watercolours, gouache and acrylic media and are well suited to use on canvas, paper, glass and silk.

Handmade in Germany, these unique brushes impress with the quality, versatility and value they provide.

The Memory Point brushes are available in different sizes, as well as four unique shapes: the Flat; the Round-Pointed; the Cat-Tongue and the Flat-Slanted.


Hahnemuhle Harmony Watercolour Block – Hot press

Harmony Watercolour features surface sizing. The colours reflect beautifully on the paper and impress with their natural brilliance, thus giving every subject its unique presence. Masking fluids or masking tape can be used and removed residue-free, while wet colours can be easily corrected or taken off. Harmony Watercolour is acid-free, light-resistant and features extreme longevity. It is available in Rough, Cold Pressed and Hot Pressed. All are eraser resistant due to the surface sizing. Each block contains 12 sheets. Available in: Rough, Cold-Pressed & Hot Pressed. Sizes Available: A4 & A3.


Pencil: Castell 9000 Graphite Single Pencil HB – Faber-Castell

Castell 9000 – a genuinely classic pencil – known for its quality, has made it a firm favourite with artists and illustrators. Its lead is particularly break-resistant and the superior black leads are made of very finely ground graphite and clay. It is available in 16 different degrees of hardness, from the lightest and hardest 6H to the softest and darkest 8B, making it the ideal pencil for all technical and artistic applications.


Eraser: Mono Smart Eraser – Tombow

The ultra-slim plastic eraser is only 5.5mm wide. Perfect for tight areas and precision erasing. Slim design fits inside planner pockets, journals and personal calendars. Protective paper sleeve with rounded corner edges keeps from damaging eraser during use.

Palette: 10 Well Plastic Palette

Suitable for all acrylic and water-based paints and mediums


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