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Watercolour Square Handbook 12 x 12cm – Now R179 / Was R239
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Potentate offers beautiful, natural white watercolour paper for both the professional artist but especially for the amateur watercolourist. Experiment and discover the medium on this high quality 300gsm paper. Available in various formats to satisfy all your surface needs. Ideal for dry or wet techniques – watercolour, printing, sketch and gouache.

Product features:

  • Natural white, watercolour paper.
  • Paper weight: 300gsm.
  • Acid free.

Available options:

  • Watercolour Postcard Tins.
  • Watercolour Black Handbook.
  • Watercolour Accordion Pad.
  • Watercolour Round Circle Pad.
  • Watercolour Paper Sheet Packs.
  • Watercolour Paper Block.
  • Watercolour Ring Binder Pad.
  • Watercolour Square Books/Handbooks (Special Covers).


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Available Options:


Available options:

Watercolour Postcards:

  • The postcards come in a beautiful silver tin.
  • 24 Sheets per tin.
  • 25% Cotton Watercolour paper.
  • Paper Texture: Cold press.
  • Available sizes: 105mm (circle), 105mm (square) & 105mm x 148mm (rectangle).


Watercolour Black Handbook:

  • Hard cover.
  • Paper Texture: Cold press.
  • 24 sheets per handbook.
  • Available sizes:  90 x 140mm & 110 x 170mm


Watercolour Accordion Pad:

  • Paper Texture: Cold Press.
  • Paper size when unfolded:  1040mm x 190mm.
  • Pad size when folded: 130 x 190mm.


Watercolour Round Circle Pad:

  • Paper Texture: Cold Press.
  • Binding:  Glued all around.
  • 20 sheets per pad.
  • Available size: 250mm diameter.


Watercolour Paper Sheets:

  • These watercolour paper sheets are sold in zip lock bags.
  • 10 sheets per bag.
  • Available in Cold Press, Hot Press and Rough.

Available sizes:

  • 190mm x 130mm (CP, HP & R).
  • 190mm x 260mm (CP, HP & R).
  • 270mm x 390mm (CP & HP).


Watercolour Paper Block:

  • 100% Cotton paper.
  • Gelatin sized and archival.
  • Paper texture: Hot Press.
  • 20 Sheets per block.
  • Available sizes: 195mm x 135mm.


Watercolour Ring Binder Pad:

  • Detachable metal ring, loose leaf; inner pages can be replaced.
  • 100% Cotton paper.
  • 20 Sheets per pad.
  • Paper texture: Hot Press.
  • Hard cover, with a 360° turn over, and can be used as a drawing board.
  • Sizes: 195mm x 195mm.


Watercolour Handbook Square (Special Covers):

  • 100% Cotton paper.
  • 24 Sheets per book.
  • 4 different hard cover designs to choose from.
  • Available in Hot Press & Cold Press.
  • Available sizes: 120mm x 120mm.


Watercolour Book Square (Special Covers):

  • 100% Cotton paper.
  • 24 Sheets per book.
  • 4 different hard cover designs to choose from.
  • Available in Hot Press & Cold Press.
  • Available sizes: 160mm x 160mm.

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130mm x 190mm, 190mm x 260mm, 250mm, 190mm, 190mm x 104cm, 105mm, 105mm x 105mm, 105mm x 148mm, 90 x 140mm, 110 x 170mm, 195mm x 195mm, 135mm x 195mm, 120mm x 120mm, 160mm x 160mm, 260mm x 380mm

Paper Texture

Cold Press, Hot Press, Rough

1 review for Watercolour Paper, Pads, Books & Postcards – Potentate

  1. Lizette de Vries-Venter

    I tested the A4 sheets (cold press) and was a bit disappointed when it buckled with gouache. Once dry it relaxed until it was almost flat again. But using watercolour made it warp. I only painted wet on dry and will definitely recommend that you stretch it first before painting. It is listed as 300gsm, but it felt more like 200gsm paper.
    Both the watercolour and the gouache went on smoothly and the paper took multiple layers of paint without any problems.
    Overall I did like the loose sheets – they are good value for the price.

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