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Explore paints differently with these quality colour shaper tools.  Mark making can be explored differently with acrylic paints, oil paints, fluid acrylics, inks and even oil pastels. These tools are useful for mono printing and other printmaking techniques; decorative plaster techniques; gesso application; to add loose, bold marks in your paintings; or even as an eraser, to scrape paint off while the medium is still wet. Build impasto shapes, create indentations, control edges, apply precise marks and texture. Create effects that aren’t possible with brushes alone!  The Colour Shaper makes application of thicker medium quick and easy. The flexible silicone tip provides a sturdy yet forgiving edge.

These silicone brushes are made from durable, easily cleanable and highly flexible composite silicone rubber. The traditional hardwood handles are topped with Colour Shaper tips in a variety of sizes and the grey colour denotes a firm silicone shaper that gives accurate control.

Cleaning: They are easy to clean –  quickly dip in a solvent, alcohol or soap and water, depending upon the medium you are using.

  • Flat broad silicon brushes in 3 sizes:
    • 25mm,
    • 50mm
    • 75mm
  • Ideal for moving large volumes of paint – works like a spatula
  • Helps control the density of applied colour or erase excess paint
  • Can be used to create sharp edges or help blend and soften edges
  • Also used to mix and blend charcoal and pastel
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  • If you are exploring decorative plaster techniques or gesso applications, this tool can be very handy. Their softness and flexibility make them ideal for stencil embossing with much less chance of having the material seep under the stencil edges. They conform easily to any surface, reducing the look of “hard “palette knife marks.
  • Applying masking fluid is always a problem because masking fluid can ruin the bristles of a normal paintbrush. The silicone brush can be used for applying masking fluid when working with watercolours (apply masking fluid) acrylics, or pastels. No need for solvents, simply wipe the tip clean.

This is an indispensable tool!

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