The Eraser You Didn’t Know You Kneaded

Erasing with a kneadable eraser
Using the kneadable eraser

Kneadable erasers are awesome, and for some reason, not many people are talking about them.  We’re hoping to change that!

Kneadable erasers (sometimes called putty erasers, art erasers, and/or kneaded erasers) are malleable, meaning you can squeeze and stretch them, take them apart and reassemble them into any shape you can think of to erase, just about any shape you can think of. Handy! This makes them an incredibly versatile tool to have on your art desk and a perfect choice for erasing detailed areas and adding highlights to your work through a subtractive process – a big plus for charcoal artists too!

They do not wear down as a normal eraser would and do not make a mess.  Graphite and charcoal particles stick to the putty-like material when erasing, and can be kneaded back into the eraser to clean it.  This can cause a bit of graphite build up in the eraser over time, however, we have found that they last a lot longer than you would imagine.  Due to the soft texture, they can also be dabbed or rolled over graphite like a rolling pin to lighten its opacity (see before and after), which can alleviate the need for tracing paper and/or a light-box in some cases.

They are a go-to correction tool for artists of the drafting and fine-art variety alike, and some have even been known to sculpt mini reference models with them on the go.

If you’re feeling the need to knead, Artsavingsclub has got you covered!

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