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Available in the Etchr carry ranges are the Etchr Art Satchel and the Etchr Slate Satchel. These two satchels are designed to be top quality, uncompromising specialist bags for artists.

The Etchr Art Satchel is designed to carry the artist’s toolbox and operates as a portable workstation. It doubles as a backpack or messenger bag and is built for harsh conditions and has a significant general carry capability when required. This is the ultimate art bag. Built to carry your art gear wherever you may venture, the Art Satchel is an expandable, weatherproof and modular system designed to adapt to your needs. It’s perfect for either digital or traditional art-making, and it can be used as a backpack or a sling bag. Draw while standing, walking or sitting. Suitable for both left & right-handed artists.

The Etchr Slate Satchel was created to be a smaller and lighter bag just for sketching. Looking for the perfect companion as an Urban Sketcher? The weatherproof Slate is the perfect match for those artists looking to get out and about with their art-making. It can hold either a tablet or a sketchbook. Suitable for both left & right-handed artists, this classic minimalist satchel is designed specifically to help digital & physical medium artists sketch on the go.


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