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To offer artists, visual artists and Fine Art students the broadest possible means of expression, the Maison Caran d’Ache has designed Graphite Line, a complete line of mediums that explore all the different shades of black from hardest to softest, and meets the requirements of virtuosi and purists in the art of drawings executed in black.

Each pencil is varnished in a colour that precisely depicts the hardness and depth of the black.


Technical description :

  • Type: Extra-fine, hexagonal graphite pencils for optimal grip
  • Lead: superior quality, hard to soft depending on the degree, diameter ranges from 2.1 – 3.6 mm
  • Pencil: hexagonal, 8 ply, encased, varnish matches hardness degree
  • Premium FSC certified cedarwood
  • Techniques: pointillism, hatching, writing, sketching, shading, blurring, technical and artistic design, mixed techniques.
  • Applications :
    • 9B – 3B: Extra fine graphite pencils to allow uniform shading of large areas and a regular, intense stroke.
    • 2B – H: Extra-fine graphite pencils for hatching and superimposing.
    • 2H – 4H: Extra-fine graphite pencils for intense, regular, fine and extra-fine lines (technical drawing, scientific illustration, etc).


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Available Options:

Caran d’Ache has drawn on its expertise and explored the deepest graphite mines to search out the infinite colour nuances of carbon. The result is the Graphite Line, an original concept dedicated to graphite that allows artists to compose their graphite range and explore all the shades of black. An integral component of the line is the Grafwood pencil which features one of the most complete ranges of graphite leads.

This series of extra-fine graphite pencils contains 15 gradations from the hardest to the softest black  (including 9B), enabling artists to produce an infinite range of techniques and effects, uniform darkening of large surfaces, and regular and intense line drawing.

An easy-to-hold design offers optimal artistic control.

With its two innovations, Grafcube and Grafwood, the Graphite Line is a first in terms of personal choice.

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Grafwood Graphite Pencils

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3 reviews for Artist Graphite Line Pencils Grafwood – Caran d’Ache

  1. VanessaV (verified owner)

    I bought a range of these after coming across Darrel Tank’s 5 Pencil Method using graphite pencils…I absolutely recommend these.. Their application is smooth and clean. The range of values one can achieve is outstanding….this is the graphite pencil of the future!!

  2. Pietervdm.Art

    As a professional graphite artist, these Caran d’Ache Grafwood graphites are my top choice in graphite. If the price don’t intimidate you, I’d recommend no other pencil above these.

  3. Azariah

    The price of these might be intimidating, but I was taught to get the whole gamut of values from only 3 pencils by hatching in layers. So one doesn’t need to spend lots of money to buy a pencil for each value on the value scale. My HB is my work horse, and for finer drawings I use a 2H, and a 3B for darker areas. One can feel the difference in quality after using other pencils. The softer pencils are also not as ‘woolly’ as some cheaper pencils are.

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