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Multi-Use Eraser

A multi-use, non-abrasive plastic eraser with medium to hard firmness. Its handy size and easy-grip make erasing quick, perfect for arts, crafts and school tasks. A robust eraser with a clean finish and low shedding. Eco-friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, PVC and latex-free

Slim Eraser

Easy to hold, slim plastic eraser ideal for removing graphite in small areas and for soft precise erasing. A non-abrasive eraser giving a clean finish with low shedding.

Specialist Artist Eraser

Every artist needs an eraser, and Derwent released a twin pack of specialist artist erasers. The Technique soft eraser lifts charcoal and graphite particles off the paper, which is perfect for technical drawing and sketching. The Artist hard eraser removes dense strokes of graphite and soft coloured pencil. High performance, non-abrasive erasing. Both have strong absorption quality. Non-toxic and latex Free.

Kneadable Artist Eraser

Perfect for lifting out tone and colour the kneadable eraser is soft and pliable. Mould it to your desired shape and use it in large and small areas to add highlights, stippling and ghosting. The putty lifts and absorbs graphite, charcoal and pastel particles off the paper. Includes storage box to keep the eraser clean. Non-toxic, PVC and latex-free. Mould the eraser until soft, pull into a point, so it can be used to remove areas of colour or graphite. Can be used in conjunction with all Derwent media.

Retractable Eraser

The Derwent retractable eraser has a solid plastic construction and a comfortable grip for pen-style precision. With a straight-edged eraser for clean erasing and minimal dust, the eraser is compact with a handy pocket clip. It is suitable for erasing graphite in small areas. Use a craft knife to shape the tip of the eraser for even more accuracy. Recyclable, non-toxic, PVC and latex-free

Eraser Pencils And Brush

The Eraser Pencil is invaluable for cleaning up the white paper surrounding an image. Drawings can also be made lighter with the pencil eraser, and it can be sharpened to any shape using a craft knife. The brush is a great additional feature which means you can gently sweep away debris, ensuring your drawing stays as clean as possible. Invaluable for cleaning up the white paper surrounding images, including faint grid lines. Smaller, controlled areas or minor errors can be erased or corrected. Instead of cutting slivers from a plastic or soft rubber, more control is achieved with the eraser pencil.

USB Rechargeable Eraser

As artists, we all love a reliable battery-operated eraser, but the problem with normal battery-operated tools is the battery life! With the Derwent USB rechargeable eraser, there is no need to change batteries. The USB rechargeable eraser comes with a built-in 500mAh lithium-ion battery which is recharged by USB for convenience and long-lasting charge. An extra-fine eraser is perfect for fine hairline erasing, detailed artwork and technical drawing. The function button is designed to push on and off when required, allowing your hand to hold freely for maximum control. Suitable for left and right-hand use, it erases quickly and precisely. Non-abrasive with circular motor movement. Set Includes:

  • USB rechargeable eraser.
  • A USB charging lead.
  • 10 large erasers – 5 mm.
  • 10 extra fine eraser – 2 mm.

USB Rechargeable Eraser Refills

USB rechargeable eraser refills 30 in a pack, Including 15 large erasers 5 mm and 15 extra fine erasers 2.4 mm diameter. The extra-fine eraser is perfect for fine hairline erasing, suitable for detailed artwork and technical drawing.

Battery Operated Eraser

Derwent Battery Eraser is a fast and precise battery-operated eraser. It’s comfortable to use whether you are right or left-handed, with a handy control button. Use it like another pen, and voilà! Offering precision and speed, the battery-operated eraser is just what you need to correct small areas of work quickly. Compact, sturdy eraser which can be used  to create patterns and shapes as well as being a useful drawing tool.Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

Battery Operated Eraser Refills

Pack of 30 replacement erasers for the precise and speedy Derwent Battery Eraser, perfect for correcting small areas of work quickly.

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