Artistico Acquarello Watercolour Blocks (Extra White) – Fabriano

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  • Sizes available:
    • 23 x 30.5 cm (20 Sheets)
    • 30.5 x 45.5 cm (20 Sheets)
    • 35.5 x 51 cm (15 Sheets)


  • Made using the acclaimed Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper.
  • Mould-made, archival and 100% cotton.
  • Chlorine and acid-free.
  • Internal and external sizing makes the paper very absorbent.
  • Extra white produced without whitener.
  • Ideal for watercolour, gouache, acrylic, ink, charcoal and drawing.
  • Blocks are glued on 4 sides to prevent paper warping when wet.
  • Available in rough (Grana Grossa), cold-pressed (Grana Fina) and hot-pressed (Grana Satinata).
  • Artistico is also available in 300gsm rolls, 300gsm sheets and 640gsm sheets.


Understanding the 3 surfaces or textures of watercolour paper:

Rough – A pronounced, varied texture, great for a textured loose feel.

Cold-pressed (NOT) – It’s the paper texture in-between rough and hot-pressed paper, having a slightly textured surface this paper is sometimes called NOT.

Hot-pressed (HP) – Watercolour paper with a very smooth surface and almost no tooth. Good for painting detailed paintings and creating very smooth washes.

The Not stands for “Not Hot pressed”.


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Available Options:

Hot Press, Cold Press or Rough – decisions… decisions.

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3 reviews for Artistico Acquarello Watercolour Blocks (Extra White) – Fabriano

  1. maracetta (verified owner)

    This is the best watercolour paper that I have tried so far. Absolutely love it,. The paint dries SO beautifully. Worth every cent.

  2. Samanthalee (verified owner)

    Favourite watercolour block I’ve used ❤️ The hot press is Smooth and silky, very workable-and forgiving with lifting even the highly pigmented colours.

  3. Olive (verified owner)

    Fast becoming my new favourite – Fabriano artistico hot pressed – lovely, slightly textured paper which absorbs the paint beautifully. I also love the crisp whiteness of the paper… was pleasantly surprised, different feel to Arches hot pressed, but easier to paint on than I anticipated (a lot more forgiving on the looseness front I felt). A lovely compromise for painting loosely, with a little bit of control.

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