Artists Watercolour Sets – Daler Rowney

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Daler-Rowney Artists watercolour set is a professional watercolour set. The extra-fine watercolours are based on the finest modern and traditional pigments. Designed to create perfect colour washes of pure transparent colour, the simpler formulations minimise the pigments used in the colour to give a cleaner, brighter colour. The new Slider set incorporates unique slide-action palettes, in addition to the usual mixing areas in the box lid. A 20 half-pan set, the box features a new smooth-action open/close catch and come complete with a Sapphire S85 no 4 brush.


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Chinese White (001),  Lemon Yellow (651), Cadmium Yellow (612), Cadmium Yellow Deep (613), Cadmium Red (501), Quinacridone Red (528), Alizarin Crimson (515), Permanent Rose (537), Permanent Mauve (413),  Phthalo Blue Red Shade (139), Cobalt Blue (109), French Ultramarine (123), Viridian Hue (382), Hookers Green Dark (354), Yellow Ochre (663), Burnt Sienna (221), Burnt Umber (223), Raw Umber (247), Paynes Grey (065) and Ivory Black (034).


Watching paint dry! A few hard lessons to learn with Watercolour

Artists Watercolour Sets

20 Half Pan Slider Set


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