Double Matt Drafting Film Sampler


Drafting film was traditionally used by draftsmen and architects to draw plans on, but the film has gained popularity amongst artists as it is generally more durable than paper. It is resistant to tearing but can show dents and creases if not handled correctly. When using mixed media the film will also not shrink or warp like organic paper. This translucent surface is archival, non-yellowing and stable under different temperatures.

These sheets of double matte polyester drafting film have a frosted or translucent look and a smooth surface. Although these sheets are normally used for drafting plans, they can be used as a surface for oil and acrylic paints, watercolour, coloured pencils, graphite, charcoal, chalk, markers and gelly rolls. Both sides can be used to work on, creating an interesting effect.

When working with drafting film, take care not to touch the film too much, as your hands may leave marks that will be difficult to remove


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