Parker Quink Ink Bottle – 57ml


  • High quality bottled ink with added lubricity for a smooth flow when putting pen to paper
  • Quick-drying, richly pigmented ink makes a vivid impression on the page
  • Elegant glass bottle with a wide base and tight-sealing screw-top lid
  • Rediscover classic writing pleasure with PARKER QUINK bottled ink. Filled with smooth, rich and vivid blue-black ink, you’ll enjoy the timeless ritual of bottle filling when you use your fountain pen.
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Quink offers a unique experience through the time-honoured ritual of bottle-filling.

Introduced in 1931, PARKER Quink inks are produced respecting high-quality standard. QUINK is a quick-drying ink specially formulated for optimum writing performance.

  • Available in the Following Colours :
    • Black
    • Blue



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