Rembrandt Art Specials Sketching Set – Lyra


This unique assortment of 12 high-quality drawing pencils includes chalk, charcoal, and carbon in colours that include Sepia, Black, White, and shades of Brown.

The perfect selection for anyone focused on drawing and sketching. Explore shape, form and line through a monochromatic colour scheme. All pencils are AP certified non-toxic and are conveniently stored in a practical tin.

These pencils blend with ease and you will enjoy doing different shading techniques. Use them with a kneadable eraser or paper stumps and preserve finished pieces with a fixative.

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The Lyra Rembrandt Art Specials Set is perfect for portraits, sketching, landscapes, and colour blending, in graphics, design, and art applications. The set includes the following materials, housed in a metal tin:

  • 1 Sepia Light Brown pencil
  • 1 Sepia Dark Brown pencil
  • 1 Red Brown grease chalk pencil
  • 1 Red Brown grease-free chalk pencil
  • 1 Black grease-free medium chalk pencil
  • 1 White grease-free medium chalk pencil
  • 1 Charcoal hard pencil
  • 1 Carbon soft grease pencil
  • 1 Charcoal medium Special pencil
  • 1 Graphite Aquarelle HB pencil
  • 1 Titan graphite HB pencil
  • 1 Titan graphite 6B pencil


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