Shortcuts & Artists’ Secrets | Drawing made easy (DME13) – Walter Foster


Inside this helpful guide, Drawing Made Easy: Shortcuts & Artists’ Secrets, accomplished artist Diane Cardaci guides readers through several shortcuts to drawing realistically — from projecting and using the grid method to utilizing a computer.

A step-by-step project accompanies each drawing technique, so readers can test out the methods firsthand. The book also features an in-depth section on troubleshooting, teaching readers effective ways to grapple with the most common problems a beginner encounters, such as drawing accurate proportions and values.

Paperback book, 64 pages.  Size: 17 cm × 24 cm.

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The Walter Foster series: Drawing made easy, introduces the budding artist to the fundamentals of pencil drawing with in-depth information, including several approaches to the discipline. These books will help beginners become inspired and feel confident in their talents.

Drawing Made Easy: Shortcuts & Artists’ Secrets teaches an array of drawing shortcuts for aspiring artists who don’t have time for traditional approaches to art. This book also provides drawing techniques and tips for avoiding common errors and features simple steps and line-drawing templates for each project, so you can easily follow along.

Discover speed sketching, blocking in with basic forms, measuring proportions, and quick ways to blend with detailed explanations and helpful illustrations. Step-by-step, in-depth lessons, are also included on drawing basics, such as value, dimension, perspective, and more. You’ll also learn which tools and materials are best for drawing on-the-go, as well as shortcuts to adding depth, shading and highlighting, simplifying your subjects and using basic shapes. With clear instruction and inspiring ideas, this is a must-have guidebook for anyone who wants to learn how to draw.

Author — Diane Cardaci.

Paperback book, 64 pages.  Size: 17 cm × 24 cm.

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