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Watercolour Postcards:

  • Sizes:  105mm circle, 105mm square and 105mm x 148mm rectangle.
  • The postcards come in a beautiful silver tin.
  • 24 Sheets per tin.
  • Paper Weight: 300gsm.
  • 25% Cotton Watercolour paper.
  • Paper Texture: Cold press.
  • Paper Colour: Natural White.
  • Acid free.


Watercolour Handbook:

  • Sizes:  90 x 140mm and 110 x 170mm
  • Black hard cover.
  • 24 sheets.
  • Paper weight: 300gsm.
  • Watercolour paper.
  • Acid free & non-fade.
  • Ideal for dry or wet painting.
  • Ideal for watercolour, printing, sketch and gouache.


Watercolour Accordian Pad:

  • Size when folded: 130 x 190mm.
  • Paper size when unfolded:  104 x 190mm.
  • Paper Weight: 300gsm.
  • Watercolour paper.
  • Ideal for watercolour, printing, sketch and gouache.


Watercolour Round Circle Pad:

  • Paper Colour: Natural white.
  • Acide free.
  • Paper Texture: Cold Press.
  • Paper Weight: 300gsm.
  • Size: 250mm diameter.
  • Binding:  Glued all around.
  • 20 sheets.


Watercolour Paper Sheets:

  • These watercolour paper sheets are sold in zip lock bags of 10 sheets.
  • Available in Cold Press and Rough.
  • Sizes:  190 x 130mm and 190mm x 260mm.
  • Acid free.
  • Paper weight: 300gsm.


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Watercolour Handbook Black, Watercolour Circle Pad, Watercolour Postcard Circle, Watercolour Postcard Square, Watercolour Postcard Rectangle, Watercolour Accordian Pad, Watercolour Paper Cold Press, Watercolour Paper Rough


130mm x 190mm, 190mm x 260mm, 250mm, 190mm, 190mm x 104cm, 105mm, 105mm x 105mm, 105mm x 148mm, 90 x 140mm, 110 x 170mm

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