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Canson®XL® Bristol paper, with its satin finish, is ultra-white and extremely smooth. Highly resistant, it withstands repeated corrections by scraping and erasing. The paper’s bright white surface provides great contrast for ink, light washes, graphite, coloured pencils, markers, and pastels. The smooth surface finish is good for scanning especially for artists who enjoy combining traditional drawings with digital work and reworking images in different formats. Artists that need to create print reproductions will get good results by creating the original piece on Canson® XL® Bristol.

Canson XL Bristol paper is affordable and a good choice for students who require a large volume of paper to produce preliminary experimental pieces before creating finished artworks.

Weight or thickness: 180 gsm.

Colours and textures: Very smooth.

Recommended techniques: Ideal for both wet and dry media; pencils, pens, washing, tubular tip ink drawing pens, airbrush work or any technique requiring a smooth surface and sharp lines.

Available Format: Spiral Pad:  A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) and A3 (29,7 x 42 cm) – 50 Sheets.

Standard & Longevity guarantee Acid-free, making it resistant to yellowing over time.


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