Pastel Paper Pads – Mungyo


Mungyo Pastel Paper is premium quality paper for all types of pastel and other dry media such as pencil, graphite, charcoal, etc. With a high cotton content, this acid-free paper is archival and ideal for multi-media.

Product features:

  • Paper pads for all pastel media.
  • Paper weight: 160gsm.
  • Woven textured finish.
  • High Cotton content.
  • Acid free.
  • Available pad sizes: A4 (29.7 x 21cm) & A3 (35 x 47cm).
  • 30 sheets per A4 pad; 20 sheets per A3 pad.

Available colours:

  • White.
  • Assorted Soft Colours (Cream, Rose, Almond, Pearl, Powder Blue).
  • Assorted Dark Colours (Coffee, Anthracite, Blue Night, Black).


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Popular Pastelmat Paper and Van Gogh Soft Pastels Tested

Just when you thought you have tried out all types of pastel paper, along comes a new one that promises to be better. I have heard much about Clairefontaine’s Pastelmat paper, but I was a little sceptical. After all good pastel paper is plentiful. Would Pastelmat offer something different? Keep reading to find out plus check out the video review below.

Get the Most out of Your Pastels with Canson Mi-Teintes Paper (Pastel Pads and Touch Pads)

Pastels are a wonderful medium to work with. You only need to look at Degas’s sublime use of pastels in his ballerina paintings. You can work them delicately or with boldness and the colour is always powerful. The pure pigment in artist’s quality pastels is a pleasure to behold. It is a pity then to use poor quality paper on which to paint. I have tried many papers over the years of varying quality. Recently I tried out two pastel pads from Canson. Their Mi-Teintes pastel paper pads and Touch pads.

Toison D’or Soft Pastels – Koh-I-Noor


Koh-i-noor Toison D’or Soft Pastels are extremely high-quality soft pastels manufactured using the highest quality pigments with minimal binders, ensuring a very simple and silky stroke on paper or other medium. The low adhesion to the medium allows toning and the creation of simple crossing. Blend and spread the rich colours easily for a variety of tones. With no toxic component used in production, they are suitable for all age group.

After finalization of the artwork, the use of a preparation fixative is recommended which prevents subsequent blurring.

Product features:

  • Smooth and soft round pastels.
  • 10mm diameter.
  • Minimum content of binding elements.
  • Achieve shading of the drawing more simply.
  • Easily wipes off the surface.
  • Available in 50 colours.


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Cromia Colour Paper – Fabriano


Yay! You can buy single sheets! ☺️

Please note that a handling surcharge of R85 will be applied to all orders containing loose sheets of paper/mountboards/films. The surcharge is applicable to single sheets and packs of loose sheets A3 (29.7cm x 42cm) and larger.

Only ONE (1) surcharge will be applied per order. This feature enables you to purchase as many different sheets as you want!


Fabriano Cromia is a fine arts colour paper suitable for a variety of painting and drawing techniques.  Composed of 50% cotton, it is resistant to scratches, tears and erasures and has 2 deckled edges.  Cromia has a surface which is similar to a watercolour cold pressed surface.  Suitable for both wet and dry techniques, Cromia can be used for watercolour, pastel, pen and ink, mixed media charcoal, coloured pencil and gouache.  

It is manufactured on a traditional cylinder mould machine.  This one of-a-kind process replicates the typical characteristics of handmade paper allowing the fibers (cotton and pure alpha-cellulose in the case of Cromia paper) to spread gently and randomly to form a soft and homogeneous sheet of paper. 

Product features:

  • Mould made colour paper.
  • 50% Cotton.
  • Paper weight: 220gsm 
  • Acid free and archival quality:  Long Life ISO 9706. 
  • No optical brighteners.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Scratch, tear and eraser resistant.
  • 2-sided deckle edges.
  • Available sheet size: 50 x 65cm.
  • Available in 10 lightfast colours.


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Vegan-friendly product.

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Pastel & Pencil Tools – Jackson’s


These Jackson’s tools and accessories are ideal for the application of dry media such as pastels, graphite, charcoal and colour pencils!

Available options:

  • Pastel Holder.
  • Pastel Brush Set of 3.
  • Rice Paper Stumps Set of 6.


Jackson’s Pastel Holder can be used for graphite or charcoal but is especially useful for when you want to use a the end of a pastel stick while maintaining control. This allows to use your expensive pastels entirely without wasting precious materials. It can also be used to prevent getting your hands dirty allowing you to change between pastels and keep clean lines. Additionally, it can be the perfect tool for those artists who find it difficult to grip and maneuver, the stick by itself. This handy tool takes a pastel, a piece of graphite or charcoal with a width of 8.5mm.


The Pastel Brush Set features 3 of Jackson’s soft pastel tools that are perfect for the application and blending of soft pastels, PanPastel and graphite powders. These short handle brushes are suitable for detail work thanks to their small and sharp tips. The soft and silicone tips allow you to smudge, soften and move colour with precision and ease.

This set includes:

  • 1 x Pony Hair Brush (18.9cm long, brittle length 0.9cm).
  • 1 x Sponge Applicator (14.5cm long;  1cm tip).
  • 1 x Rubber-tipped blending tool (17.6cm long; sharp 0.9cm-long tip).


Made from compressed rice paper, Jackson’s Rice Paper Stumps are suitable to use with pastels, charcoal, graphite, and colour pencils. The points are more accurate than using your finger to blend areas of your drawing, and the smooth surface of the rice paper ensures a polished finish. Paper stumps can be cleaned and repointed using a knife, sandpaper, or even a large pencil sharpener. Available in a set of 6 with mixed sizes to achieve maximum results.

Remember to sand the tip of the tool before blending lighter areas, or the tool might darken the surface.


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Shop Soiled Pastelmat Sheets & Mountboards – Clairefontaine


PLEASE NOTE: These Sheets & Mountboards are slightly damaged.

These Pastelmat Sheets & Mountboards are shop soiled, but not spoiled! They might have a few nicks and dents, but they still have a lot to offer! Perfect for the pastelist looking to try something new, get the premium velvety surface of Pastelmat at a reduced price.


Yay! You can buy single sheets! ☺️

Please note that a handling surcharge of R85 will be applied to all orders containing loose sheets of paper/mountboards/films. The surcharge is applicable to orders containing single sheets and packs of loose sheets A3 (29.7cm x 42cm) and larger.

Only ONE (1) surcharge will be applied per order. This feature enables you to purchase as many different sheets as you want!


Pastelmat is a premium card surface specially developed for pastelists. Its unique velvety surface, made from a fine coating of cellulose fibres, can grab and hold multiple layers of even the softest pastels. Pastelmat significantly reduces the need for fixative, which means that colours remain vibrant and fresh once applied. It has the bonus of being gentle on both fingers and blending tools. This special paper is ideal for use with all dry media (pastel sticks, PanPastel, pencils and charcoal) but its water-resistance walso makes it possible for it to be used with wet media such as acrylics and watercolour for washes and mixed media techniques.

Product features:

  • Premium pastel paper.
  • Acid-free & lightfast.
  • Ideal for all dry media.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Available in a wide variety of colours.
  • Available paper weight: 360gsm.
  • Available sizes: 50 x 70cm  & 70 x 100cm.
  • Mountboards are 1800 Microns.

Available options:

  • Sheets (Single).
  • Mountboards (Single).


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Tiziano Drawing Paper Pad – Fabriano


Fabriano Tiziano is a natural white, cold pressed drawing paper made from high quality pulp with cotton content. This soft textured and acid free paper is suitable for a variety of techniques including pastel, graphite, charcoal, airbrush and card making.

Completely recyclable, it is produced by hydropower with EFC pulp, FSC certified from forests responsibly managed and respectful of environmental standard

Product features:

  • Cold pressed drawing paper.
  • Natural white colour.
  • Paper weight: 160gsm.
  • Acid free and FSC certified.
  • High quality pulp with cotton content.
  • 20 sheets per pad.

Available pad sizes:

  • A2 (42cm x 59.4cm).
  • A3 (29.7cm x 42cm).
  • A4 (21cm x 29.7cm).


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Notebook Dividers & Paper Refills – Filofax


Not just another notebook, the Filofax Notebook features repositionable and refillable pages allowing you to create a custom notebook that works for you. The twin wire spine of these notebooks create a clever construction which allows the pages to be easily added, removed or repositioned for flexible personalisation. And, unlike most other notebooks, this spine allows Filofax notebooks to fold back on themselves and lie perfectly flat when open.

Remove, remix and refill these notebooks with our range of Filofax multifunctional papers and accessories.

Available options:

  • Note Paper Refills.
  • Divider / Index Refills.

View more information about each option.


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PanPastel: Minimum Pans to Maximum Results


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