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BLOCKX Soft Pastels are handmade in Belgium using pure pigments in the same tradition started its company founder 1844. Four subsequent generations of family members have combined traditional methods with modern chemistry to create artist’s colors that are pure, permanent, lightfast, and stable.

Soft and velvety, assembled into sticks and made by hand, these dry, non-crumbly pastels offer high coverage. BLOCKX dry pastels can be applied to any medium. However, they are best showcased when used on special paper for pastel drawing. Offering vibrant, luminous and fresh shades, BLOCKX pastels are ready to use, can be diluted with water and are fully light-resistant.

Product features:

  • Pure, non-crumbly soft pastels.
  • Lightfast & vibrant.
  • Water soluble.
  • Pastel size: 6.7cm (height) x1.3cm (diameter).
  • Available in assorted of sets of 12, 24 &72.

Available options:

  • Light Colours (Set of 12/24).
  • Dark Colours (Set of 12/24).
  • Landscape Colours (Set of 24).
  • Sky & Seasons (Wooden Box Set of 72).


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Colors are named in such a way as to make it easy for artists to choose the exact shades they need. For example, Apple Green’s five shades are:

  • Apple Green 641
  • Apple Green 642
  • Apple Green 643
  • Apple Green 644
  • Apple Green 645

If the color name ends in:

  • 1 — the pure color is upgraded with black.
  • 2 — this is the pure color.
  • 3 — the pure color is tinted with white.
  • 4 — the pure color is tinted with more white.
  • 5 — the pure color is tinted with much more white.



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Wooden Box Set of 72, Set of 12, Set of 24


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