Caran D’Ache: Perfect Pencil Companions

The humble pencil – an absolute ‘must have’ tool for any creative. Even the most complex projects all start with a single pencil stroke.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than parting ways with the last few millimetres of your trusty graphite partner. You know… When not even a pencil extender can help anymore. Sayonara, old friend….

Christi du Toit Blue Pencil Sketch
Blue Pencil Sketch

Well, what if we told you that we had another pencil for you, but not the disposable kind. No. A trusty sidekick to grow old with. A pencil that will always be ready and waiting to tackle the next creative endeavour.

We proudly present to you, the Caran D’Ache 0.7mm Mechanical pencil and 2mm Fixpencil.

Side note: Caran D’Ache is pronounced ‘kah-run-dush’ – yes, we wondered about that too. 😉

These two pencils have a near identical design aesthetic. Sleek and beautiful, yet sturdy and robust. This is due to the distinctive Swiss design – one of Caran D’Ache products’ many attributes. The barrels are made from aluminium, which makes them comfortably lightweight, but built for longevity. They also have removable pocket clips, which are very secure when attached, but strangely easy to remove when unwanted. Both come in a variety of colours. Those are the similarities, but let’s talk about the differences.

Christi du Toit Caran-DAche-Perfect-Pencil-Companions Tools
Tools used

The 0.7mm mechanical pencil has an incredibly satisfying click to it every time you extend the lead. The barrel has a glossy finish, but somehow this doesn’t impact the grip at all. It may not come as a surprise, given the name, but it takes 0.7mm lead. This is ideal for us, as we love using it with the sky-blue 0.7mm Pilot Color Eno lead (as you can see in the photos). The lead replicates the look of a non-photo blue pencil – a powerful tool for drafting layouts and rough preliminary sketches, often favoured by comic book artists, illustrators and graphic designers alike.

The 2mm Fixpencil, on the other hand, uses a clutch mechanism which grips its lead tightly. The cap contains a 2mm lead sharpener which is incredibly convenient to have as part of the pencil. Unlike the glossy mechanical pencil, the Fixpencil’s barrel has a subtle matte finish which is smooth to the touch. We love clutch pencils as they feel a lot like traditional pencils due to the thick lead, but give the same tactile versatility as a mechanical pencil. We use the Fixpencil to tighten up our rough drafts and take them through to the final sketch phase – ready for inking!

Overall, this is a great, reliable pencil combination that is durable enough to last for a lifetime of intense drawing and drafting sessions. This is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals (and they make awesome gifts too!).

Christi du Toit Finished Sketch with Caran DAche
Finished Sketch

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