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ABT PRO: The marker for professionals
For elegant and natural lines: the first alcohol-based marker with  dynamic yet dimensionally stable brush tip.

The ABT PRO is an alcohol-based marker that we developed together with professionals for professional use. You can express your creativity perfectly. The ABT PRO ink flows more slowly than other alcohol markers, allowing you to work in a very controlled and precise manner. This is very helpful for layering.


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5 Piece Basic Colours – ABTP-5P-1R415.00
In StockTombow-ABT-PRO-Alcohol-based-Markers-Basic-Colours-5-Set
5 Piece Pastel Colours – ABTP-5P-2R415.00
In StockTombow-ABT-PRO-Alcohol-based-Markers-Pastel-Colours-5-Set
12 Piece Basic Colours – ABTP-12P-1R989.00
In StockTombow-ABT-PRO-Alcohol-based-Markers-Basic-Colours-12-Set
12 Piece Pastel Colours – ABTP-12P-2R989.00
In StockTombow-ABT-PRO-Alcohol-based-Markers-Pastel-Colours-12-Set
12 Piece Grey Colours – ABTP-12P-3R989.00
In StockTombow-ABT-PRO-Alcohol-based-Markers-Grey-Colours-12-Set
12 Piece Landscape Colours – ABTP-12P-4R989.00
In StockTombow-ABT-PRO-Alcohol-based-Markers-Landscape-Colours-12-Set
12 Piece Manga Shonen Set – ABTP-12P-5R989.00
In StockTombow-ABT-PRO-Alcohol-based-Markers-Manga-Set-Shonen-12-Set

The ABT PRO at a glance

  • alcohol-based marker
  • with a brush tip and wedge tip
  • slim and ergonomically shaped
  • good controllable ink flow for very precise drawing
  • 107 colours + blender


What can the ABT PRO do? – the features and special features.
The ABT PRO is the marker for illustrators, architects, mangaka, cartoonists, cartoonists or designers. Why? We’ll show you this in detail.

Two tips: brush tip and wedge tip
The ABT PRO has two tips: a brush tip and a wedge tip with a line width of 5.5 mm.


The brush tip
Many conversations with professional illustrators and other creatives show us time and again: The quality and texture of the marker can decide the success of a work. One more reason for us to pay a lot of attention to the brush tip of the ABT PRO. The flexible nylon of the brush tip provides a particularly elegant swing, which imitates the natural hand movement well.

In addition, the pen does not attack the paper – that is, you do not have the ribbing effect of the paper in your work, as is often the case with water-based inks. The slow flow of ink also makes your results much more controlled and precise. Even the smallest details can be drawn well with the dynamic brush tip. This makes the ABT PRO perfect for professional use.


The wedge tip
A lot of traditional Japanese calligraphy know-how has gone into the wedge tip of the Tombow ABT PRO. We only modernised the material. It now consists of dimensionally stable polyester. The stroke width of the wedge tip we have for the special needs of illustrators; Optimised for designers and architects. Specifically: The maximum line width is 5.5 mm – and if you draw a line with the flat edge, you come to 0.5 mm. This allows you to practice your vertical and horizontal stroke rich in variety, ideal for lettering.

Tombow ABT PRO Sets

12 Piece Basic Colours – ABTP-12P-1, 12 Piece Grey Colours – ABTP-12P-3, 12 Piece Landscape Colours – ABTP-12P-4, 12 Piece Manga Shonen Set – ABTP-12P-5, 12 Piece Pastel Colours – ABTP-12P-2, 5 Piece Basic Colours – ABTP-5P-1, 5 Piece Pastel Colours – ABTP-5P-2

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