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The new Lana Vanguard paper from France is a synthetic paper similar to Yupo paper but more versatile. With this paper, users can create a wealth of unique and unusual effects with various techniques, including watercolour, acrylic, oil, gouache, ink, pastels, felt pen and lead. The paper’s smooth surface and special composition (100% polypropylene) will help lend all of your creations a fresh and original rendering that is resolutely modern and inconceivable with any other medium.

Product features:

  • This multifunctional 200gsm paper is bright white, very smooth, robust and acid-free.
  • It is tear-proof and can handle any application, robust enough to even handle scratch and erase techniques.
  • Vanguard paper lays flat no matter what medium you choose – even with very wet techniques like watercolour washes.
  • No soaking needed for watercolourists.
  • Manufactured from acid-free polypropylene and it is age and UV resistant.
  • As this is a closed medium, drying time is longer than traditional paper.
  • Use of a fixative recommended once work is completed.
  • Ideal for alcohol inks, acrylic and pigment ink, watercolour, marker, pencil, acrylic, oil, gouache and crayon.
  • Sizes available: 22 x 32cm & 34 x 48cm.
  • 10 Sheets per pad.


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Lana Vanguard Hi-Tech Paper is a true innovation in the fine art world. It is ideal for acrylics, watercolour, oils, gouache, ink, felt-tip, pastels, pencil, highlighters, crayon, and coloured pencils/-crayons.

Lana Vanguard paper is 100% polypropylene, 200gsm, acid-free, with a very smooth surface. A multifunctional paper that is resilient enough to handle techniques like scraping and repeated erasing, or even wet media applications without surface damage. The possibilities of Lana Vanguard paper are endless! Pencils and brushes glide across the surface, you will discover an exceptionally comfortable work surface. The colour pigments stay on the surface, contrasts are intensified. Original, impossible to tear and ultra-resistant, Lana Vanguard stays completely flat no matter what technique you use. The smooth surface and very particular composition of this paper will give your work a unique finish, unexpected, resolutely modern and inconceivable on a different surface. Lana Vanguard is recyclable and has excellent UV resistance so is effectively protected from ageing.

 Watercolourists have discovered a new surface to paint on with this unusual non-absorbent paper that can accept watercolour with ease. The pigment does not penetrate the paper fibre as seen in normal watercolour paper but it dries slowly on top of the paper surface. The colours seem brighter because of the concentration of pigment on the paper. Its unique properties have excited many artists who are now experimenting with it. Synthetic papers of this type were originally intended for industrial printing. Graphic designers are familiar with synthetic paper-like Yupo and the Lana Vanguard is similar to the Yupo paper. Painters have stepped up and have found that they can use these synthetic papers to great effect as a watercolour material.

With the benefits of not buckling even with very wet paint, a very white surface that makes colours brighter than on traditional watercolour paper and the ability to wipe back to white, add the fact that it does not require soaking, stretching, or taping and it resists tearing, it may just be one of the best new things to try, even if you are a traditionalist by heart!

In conclusion: Our art team found the Lana Vanguard to be better than Yupo,  as it seems to have a better ‘tooth’. It was also relatively cheap to buy as an A4 pad if you consider the thickness of the paper (200gsm). It is just as tough as Yupo and can take a lot of abuse. We enjoyed the versatility of the paper and it was inspiring to use traditional mediums in a ‘new’ way. It truly made us think outside the box!

Suggested use: This paper has a longer drying time as normal paper, thus some artists use a hairdryer (use with caution as very wet mediums can run). When you are sure your painting is finished, it is recommended that you set it with a spray fixative. Use an acrylic spray product that will not yellow with time. Spray your painting outside, or in a well-ventilated area lightly from side to side, then up and down. Use light, even coats rather than one heavy coat which could cause drips or puddles. Acrylic sprays are available in a matte or glossy finish.

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22 x 32cm, 34 x 48cm


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