Acrylic Made Easy: Portraits – Walter Foster


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Acrylic Made Easy: Portraits is a fitting addition to Walter Foster’s new dynamic technique and project-driven series devoted to introducing aspiring artists to the fun and engaging world of acrylic painting. Painting portraits is a fundamental subject for any beginning-to-intermediate artist. With a fresh and simple approach, Acrylic Made Easy: Portraits teaches fine artists everything they need to know about setting up and rendering beautiful, dynamic portraits in acrylic.

Beginning with an introduction to a variety of tools and materials, artists will learn how to select the right brushes, palettes, paints, paper, and surfaces for their work. Acrylic Made Easy: Portraits also provides valuable information about colour theory and mixing for skin tones, planning a composition, and achieving proper perspective. Additionally, artists will learn a range of basic painting techniques, including glazing, scumbling, and stippling, as well as how to paint from photographs, create ambient lighting, arrange a composition, work with multiple subjects, and more.

Through simple step-by-step projects, artists will discover how to approach a portrait, beginning with a sketch and progressing to a beautifully finished piece of acrylic artwork. With a diverse range of subjects, artists will find guidance, tips, and stunning artwork to inspire on virtually every page.


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MEDIUM: Acrylic, Drawing & Illustration, Painting

SERIES: Acrylic Made Easy

FORMAT: Paperback

ISBN: 9781600583933

SIZE: 6.5 in x 9.5in / 165.1mm x 241.3 mm

PUBLISHED: June 13, 2014


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