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An adhesive spray is one of those multi-purpose tools everyone should have! It works on a variety of surfaces which makes it ideal for arts and crafts. Acid-free, quick setting and water-resistant, it will not wrinkle either. Use it to bond surfaces temporarily or permanent.


Bonds to: Cardboard, foamed rubber, plastics, polystyrene, textiles, metals, photographs, reproductions, wood & glass.

Directions: Shake can thoroughly before each use. Apply to clean surfaces only. Hold can 15cm to 25cm from the surface to be bonded and spray a thin even coat.

For permanent bonds: On porous materials, both surfaces must be coated. Allow sufficient drying time for adhesive to become tacky before joining.

For temporary bonds: Spray a light coat to one surface and allow to dry for at least 5 minutes before mounting. Substrates can easily be removed when desired, without transfer.

After use: To clear valve of adhesive, hold can bottom-up and spray until only gas escapes. Spray tips may be cleaned with turpentine.

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