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The Prime Art Marker is an alcohol ink marker in a range of 72 colours including 27 grey tones. This is a versatile twin tip marker with one fine tip and the other a broad flat chisel nib. Once applied the ink is fast drying and permanent and the colours blend easily. Art Markers are ideal to use for graphic art, rendering, scrapbooking and other craft applications. They can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper and fabric.

Product Features:

  • Rounded, square colour caps and square barrel.
  • Low odour, alcohol-based ink, easy to blend.
  • Twin tip marker with a fine tip and broad flat chisel nib.
  • Available in 72 colours.
  • Economic, perfect for students and beginners!


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


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Prime Art Markers

000 Colorless Blender, 001 Wine Red, 003 Rose Red, 006 Vivid Pink, 009 Pale Pink, 00G Gold, 00S Silver, 013 Scarlet, 015 Cranberry, 022 French Vermillion, 023 orange, 024 Marigold, 025 Salmon Pink, 029 Bareley Beige, 035 Lemon Yellow, 037 Pastel Yellow, 038 Pale Yellow, 042 Bronze Green, 046 Vivid Green, 047 Grass Green, 048 Yellow Green, 052 Deep Green, 055 Emerald Green, 057 Turquoise Green Light, 059 Pale Green, 063 Cerulean Blue, 064 Indian Blue, 065 Ice Blue, 067 Pastel Blue, 069 Prussian Blue, 070 Royal Blue, 071 Cobalt Blue, 081 Deep Violet, 083 Lavender, 087 Azalea Purple, 092 Chocolate, 098 Chestnut Brown, 100 Studio Walnut, 102 Raw Umber, 103 Potato Brown, 120 Black, 132 Milky White, 144 Pale Baby Blue, 179 Aqua Mint, 198 Tender Pink, BG1 Blue Grey 1, BG2 Blue Grey 2, BG5 Blue Grey 5, BG7 Blue Grey 7, BG9 Blue Grey 9, CG1 Cool Grey 1, CG2 Cool Grey 2, CG3 Cool Grey 3, CG4 Cool Grey 4, CG5 Cool Grey 5, CG6 Cool Grey 6, CG7 Cool Grey 7, CG8 Cool Grey 8, CG9 Cool Grey 9, GG3 Green Grey 3, GG5 Green Grey 5, GG7 Green Grey 7, GG9 Green Grey 9, WG1 Warm Grey 1, WG2 Warm Grey 2, WG3 Warm Grey 3, WG4 Warm Grey 4, WG5 Warm Grey 5, WG6 Warm Grey 6, WG7 Warm Grey 7, WG8 Warm Grey 8, WG9 Warm Grey 9, BG3 Blue Grey 3


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