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General Pencil Co. Inc. offer a range of drawing and sketching pencils that can be used to create beautiful portraits and landscapes; they are also ideal for rough sketching. Made with genuine Sustained Yield Incense Cedar Wood.

Available options:

  • Kimberly Drawing Pencil.
  • Carbon Sketch Pencil.
  • Sketch & Wash Pencil.
  • Layout Pencil.


General’s Kimberly Drawing pencil is a premium drawing pencil featuring soft smooth, extra extra black matte graphite.  Graded 9XXB this wide core pencil is semi-jumbo in size, approximately 8.5mm in diameter.

General’s Carbon Sketch pencils are smooth like graphite and dark like charcoal. The perfect combination of charcoal and graphite. You can use a damp brush over your pencil marks to dissolve the top layer, creating a liquid you can move around the paper to create beautiful tonal changes within and around the existing pencil lines.

General’s Sketch & Wash pencil is an all-surface, water soluble graphite pencil that performs and looks like traditional graphite in its dry state. If you run a wet brush over the pencil lines they completely dissolve, and you can brush the liquid graphite throughout your design like paint. Create bold, dark marks or several tonal values with the stroke of a brush. Water adheres the graphite to your paper so you can add color over it and your color stays pure. Additional uses: Apply patterns on painting surfaces using this pencil instead of graphite paper. Marks on most surfaces such as wood and fabric.

General’s Layout pencils are extra smooth, extra black graphite. Ideal for outlining and sketching, these pencils have been used by animators since the 1930’s.


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