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General Pencil Co. Inc offer a range of artists’ erasers that erase with ease. From practical gum erasers to handy eraser caps, you are sure to find erasing needs met.

FACTIS Gum Erasers are safe, harmless and non-toxic. They do not contain phthalates (which are used as plasticizers in certain industrial processes), heavy metals or aromatic additives. Using gentle pressure, a fine deep-cleaning powder is produced which will absorb and remove graphite, charcoal and dirt without damaging the surface of the paper.

The FACTIS Magic Black Erasers  not leave white “ghost mark” on dark or toned papers thanks to their Black colour. They are gentle, non-smearing, and erase clean on any paper surface. Their soft texture makes them the ideal eraser for removing marks on mat board as well as drawing and fine art paper surfaces. Perfect for charcoal, graphite, pastel, coloured pencils. Available in a set of 2.

Archival and Non-Abrasive. Latex Free, AP Approved, Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

The Knobby Eraser Caps  are salmon coloured cap erasers that fit right on the back of most pencils. The angled top makes it easier to erase in tight spots. Erase graphite pencil marks with ease! Available in blister pack sets of 5.


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